9 Unique Stocking Stuffers Ideas For Her

unique stocking stuffers

Traditional Christmas stocking used to hang near the fireplace brings a smile on the face of every family member. Since our childhood, we have heard the stories that Santa Claus will come to our place and stuff the sock when we fall asleep.

Unique Stocking Stuffers Ideas For Her

You can still fill it up with amazing, beautiful, and unique stocking stuffers for your spouse and kids. Glam up the mood of your loved ones by filling their sock with small valuables. Here we are going to share top nine amazing stock filling ideas which can make your wife happy.appy.

1. Kitchen Towel

You should buy a pure cotton towel and customize some love message on it for her. She will surely love this gift as it got those letters which you want to listen from you. Whenever she sees it in the kitchen, it will remind her of how much you love her.

2. Mini Table Vacuum

You can look for a cute animal shaped vacuum cleaner in the market that is used to clean tiny pieces and crumbs on the table. She can hold it even in the palm of her hand and take it with her anywhere. It will be quite helpful to clean dinner table, and dressing table covers instantly.

3. Jewelry Inspired Tattoos

These gold or silver metal like tattoos are a must-have gift for your loving wife. It will add glamor to any dress she wears at a party or an evening dinner. You can search them online in different shapes which can use on necklines, fingers, hands, forehead, arms or back.

4. Beauty Spatula

Buy a set of small makeup spatulas for her so that she use it for a hygienic mixing of different cosmetics. It is also helpful for applying lip gloss, lipstick, foundation, and premier correctly.

5.  Letter Opener

You can also consider a customized envelope open knife for her that has carved her name. Animal shaped openers are also available in stationery shops that can make a cute gift. Engraving logo of her company if she is working anywhere is also a good option.

6. Extra Long Charging Cable

It is an ideal gift if she uses her smartphone a lot so that she can charge the battery while lying down on her bed. You can get up to 10 feet cable of iPhone or any other Android phone from a gadget shop. She can easily charge her phone from anywhere in the room.

7. Personalized Trivets

You can also buy some heat resistant trivets made of cork, metal, wood, or rubber. You can find such shop quickly in your area which can craft a beautiful piece for her.

8. Engraved Pencils

Buy some fancy pencils from a stationary store and write a customized love message for her on it. You can also find such which have got her favorite song written on them. It will be one of the valuables things she finds in her sock.

9. Christmas Themed Magnets

A set of two or four refrigerator magnets that got a theme of Christmas or winters is also a good idea to surprise your spouse.