Top 2 Authentic Reasons for Doctors Note

The authentic reasons you give in the doctors note have to be believable and free from any serious medical complications which might get you fired. So you should tread the golden mean path while choosing the right kind of illness. If you are working as a marketing or sales executive you can fake stress related health problems which might take a few days of bed rest at home. If you are an in-house employee then you fake food poisoning, croup, Lyme disease and so on. Make sure that you know someone who knows the right prescription for the illness of your choice. This needs to be printed on the authentic doctors note you submit to your employers.

Croup as reason for Doctors Note

When you get croup you experience shortness of breath as the inflammations can block your upper respiratory tracts. This excuse is best for frequently traveling marketing executives who get exposed   to plenty of air and water pollution during working hours. You can also use it as an excuse to get doctors note if you are a field or factory employee. Working in an air conditioned environment can also cause the symptoms associated with croup.

  • Paracetamol or Ibuprofen is prescribed for oral treatments in the form of capsules and liquids. It will take about 3 days for complete cure.
  • If you are planning to go on a week off, you need to get hospitalized since you are feeling shortness of breath frequently. Choose a hospital whose phones are too busy and the place too crowded to keep track of your treatments and tell your employer whether you really came in for treatment or not.
  • Make sure that you don’t write up anything related to X-Rays or scans. You can only write about medicines and treatments.
  • Don’t mention anything about skin rashes or other visible symptoms which may leave marks even after treatment. Cortico steroid is the most common medicine prescribed for inpatients during treatment for croup. Dexamethasone is used for removal of inflammation.

Typhoid as Reason for Fake Doctor Notes

This is another common fever which can be caused by water and food contamination. This can attack you during any season. The intensity can vary from mere fever to high temperature ranging to 104 degrees. You may experience giddiness and lack of energy in your body, making you bedridden for a week or more. Commonly prescribed medicines are ceftriaxone, Bactrim oral and ampicillin injection with one week of hospitalization. Prepare the prescription and treatment accordingly in the fake doctor notes.

  • Avoid writing fake doctor notes about long term treatments since it may cause suspicion and your employer may end up checking at the hospital you have mentioned. On the other hand he may get too sympathetic for you and decide to visit you in the hospital to enquire about your health condition.
  • Avoid contacting your office during your sickness period. If there is a call from your office don’t avoid answering it.
  • Use the most effective fake doctor notes from the internet.