You are a lucky person if you have bought an iPhone. It is an expensive line of iPhone produced by the Apple Inc. But think of the situation when you have to do for some work out of the town, and you plug in the charger at night before sleeping. And when you get up early in the morning you see no battery. You wonder that why the phone’s screen is still blank. So there is a problem. But what should I do if My iPhone Won’t Charge?

What To Do If iPhone Is Not Charging?

When the iPhone is not charging the battery then definitely something is wrong. Try to find out what is the problem that is preventing it from charging. Following are some steps you should do when you feel My iPhone Won’t Charge:

  • Restart The iPhone:

If the iPhone is not charging then, restart it. In fact sometimes just by restarting the device it can work well again. So when your iPhone is not charging just simply plug in the charger and press home and power button until it starts. If there is no another problem with the phone, it may get started.

My iPhone Won’t Charge

  • Clean It:

Another reason for not charging an iPhone is maybe the dirt.  If the charging port is dirty then even after doing the step we have mentioned above the iPhone won’t charge. So blow the both charger ends with mouth air. Then do clean the charging socket and the USB port.  Moreover, clean the wall charger slot as well.

  • Never Use Keyboard To Charge It:

As a matter of fact, iPhone needs high Power to get charging. Though some keyboards have ports for charging but it would not work for the iPhone. So never charge your iPhone using the keyboard. Try to charge it using direct computer’s USB ports. The computer’s USB ports are high-speed ports.

  • Recovery Mode:

Another step you can do to make an iPhone getting charged again is the recovery mode. It is like restarting the phone. But it can solve some complex issues in the iPhone. And keep in mind that after using recovery mode your data will be deleted. But you can restore it by using backup data.

  • A Dead Battery Replacement:

If after doing all these steps still you have not succeeded then you must think of replacing the battery. As the battery of your iPhone is dead so consider replacing it. If you have an iPhone from Apple Care and is one year old, then battery replacement is for free.

  • Remove The SimCard:

If your iPhone is not charging, then you can try removing the SimCard. In fact, remove or replace the SimCard and see whether it has started the charging or not.

  • Software Problem:

As a matter of fact, there might be a software bug that is preventing the charging. You can update the iOS through by using iPhone settings. Moreover, you can update it using iTunes as well.