Ramadan Calendar for UK with Fasting Times

Fasting in Ramadan has several meanings. In addition to devotion, it is important to renounce worldly values ??and goods. There is also generally talk of giving up worldly thinking. Instead of this, a time dedicated to faith should be celebrated, in which the soul is freed from harmful contaminations. This is not enough, but Ramadan is intended to teach other important lessons to Muslims. One of them is self-discipline, which can be exercised very well in Ramadan. It is also intended to exercise the will to sacrifice and self-control. Finally, believers must practice generosity, The aid to the less beneficiaries and, in general, the aid towards other human beings.

When were the celebrations of Ramadan celebrated in 2017?

Ramadan month will begin from May 27th, Saturday. Ramadan 2017 UK will be 29 days long and, its last day will be on 24th June, 2017. In London, UK, the average duration of fasting is 17 hours and 28 minutes.

When is fasting in Ramadan not compulsory for Muslims?

There are some exceptions in which a Muslim is not obliged to fast. Among them, the most outstanding is the age. Thus, the obligation to fast begins only with puberty and ends in old age. However, this last limit depends on the state of health.

The rule is that fasting should be practiced as long as the believer enjoys “mental and bodily health.”

In addition there are several other exceptions. These include travel in which it is not possible to fast, menstruation of women, illness, pregnancy and breastfeeding. Despite losing their obligation because of some exception, some Muslims choose to celebrate Ramadan and fast. In these cases it is advisable to have strict medical supervision, Because otherwise serious health consequences are possible. For all those who can not celebrate Ramadan (except for children and the elderly) there is a rule that fasting days must be fulfilled at another time.

Suhoor and Iftar

The most important thing for the morning meal, Suhoor, is that it should be consumed before the first prayer of the day (Fajr). The exact character of this food varies. Often, Muslims eat a dish based on rice, fruit or some other light meal. The rules for the second meal of the day, the Iftar, are often stricter.

Frequently, first dates are eaten and then the fourth prayer of the day (Maghrib) is performed. The main dish is served afterwards. Many times it is a meal of very abundant character that contains meat or rice. It is accompanied by desserts with a high caloric content, which in some local cultures are only prepared in the months of Ramadan. In addition, the habit of sharing Iftar with a large group of people is considered important in many regions. Therefore, this most important meal of the day is usually held together with friends or family. In these cases the food is often served in a buffet. It is common in this case to have a variety of dishes.

Travelling Experience as a Muslim

While the world is busy in their routines, everyone wants a change but no one wants to stand out. As a Muslim we can start discovering the world’s beauty by visiting Makkah and Madina choosing Cheap Umrah Packages. Hajj and Umrah are the most notable journeys taken by Muslims. This journey is regarded more as a journey of transformation. This tour changes one’s personality and gives him or her chance to live life for once again. Travelling is not a trend of new century but was highly encouraged by Prophet (PBUH). Because travelling helps you to understand and respect other cultures as well as we can go deep in the other aspects of life.

I think world is meant to discover its glory. Other than some spiritual reasons we can make it for finding ourselves.  These busy routines have lost all the charm and we are moving towards the pointless direction. By travelling we will get a chance to meet new people, making more relations, value of what we have and most importantly it is all about realization. It is the way to understand the deeper meaning of life.  Today we keep complaining about what we don’t have, but when someone is far away he/she would definitely realize the importance of available facilities and relatives. The only thing which is required for travelling is passion and courage to have a thrill in life. Cheap Umrah Package is the best way to start travelling as a Muslim.

Benefits of travelling around the world:

  • Ignore the ignorance and focus on humility: We believe what media shows us, travelling helps us knows another side of a story.
  • Examine Yourself: You think you are aware of your inner demons and angels but the fact is you are not. When you will face different situations while travelling, you would get to know more about yourself.
  • Islamic History: You can discover many places that highlight Islamic traditions and trends.
  • Experience something new: You will always have a chance of admiring and enjoying something new.

If you really want to start your life as traveler pick any of the Cheap Umrah Packages and let the journey of adventures began. On a first place you will admire the glory of Allah the Almighty at his own house. Then around the world there are various natural beauty spots worth visiting.


12 Amazing Pictures of Most Influential People in the World

Amazing Pictures of Most Influential People in the World

12 amazing pictures of most influential people in the world. Whether it’s in politics, business, religion or entertainment, various leaders look unforgettable during their prime year. But how did these famous people look in the past before rising to top?

Amazing Pictures of Most Influential People in the World

Below are some of the unseen images of the most powerful people from around the globe.

12. Oprah

The media mogul Oprah Winfrey is an important role model for black American women by being an influential talk host, actress and media personality. Before her days on “The Oprah Winfrey Show” and “The Color Purple”, Winfrey was still gaining fame at the age of 17. Look at her holding a “Miss Fire Prevention” trophy in her hometown of Nashville in 1971. She always knew how to show big, beautiful smile!

11. Barack and Michelle Obama

The POTUS and FLOTUS have been in the white house for almost 7 years now, but this leading couple has been together for over 20. Barack and Michelle had met in 1989 when Obama worked in the corporate law world. After dating for three years, the couple married in 1992 as shown in the photo. It’s crazy how much they haven’t aged over things, while something never change like Michelle’s love for style because her wedding dress is absolutely gorgeous.

10. Bill and Hillary Clinton

One of the most powerful politician couples in the entire world currently reversing roles as Hillary Clinton runs in her second bid for presidency. Not many people realized that the Clintons first met back in their Alma Matter in Yale University when they were both law students. Take a look at this far out photo of these college sweethearts during 1970s.

9. Martin Luther King Jr.

M.L.K was the leader in the African-American civil rights movement and notably known in history for his iconic “I have a dream” speech. Born in 1929, he was first named Michael, but that later changed the Priest Martin Luther. Seen in this photo taken sometime in the 1930s, a young king probably had no idea on how much he will change U.S. history.

8. Pope Francis

For hundreds of years, the pope has served as the leader of the worldwide Catholic Church. We understand how much honor and work the 266th and current Pope Francis must experience in his daily life. Back in his early years living in Buenos Aires, you can imagine how life was for Francis as teenager, but his face doesn’t look far off when you fast forward about 60 or so years to the present.

7. Gandhi

Another world leader, Gandhi of the Indian independence movement in Britain was known to his many followers as Mahatma or “The Great-Souled One.” Often dresses in a loin-cloth and dress during his times of hunger strikes and being imprisoned, there is a rare photo of Gandhi during his days as an attorney at law. He looked quite different in his western clothes take sometime in the late 19th century decades before the anti-war activist will face an assassination in 1948.

6. Nelson Mandela

The late Nelson Mandela served as president of South Africa and an anti-apartheid revolutionary politician. There were many remarkable things he did during his 95 year old life from tackling racism and serving as the country’s first black chief executive. Before he became a world leader, here is a 19 year old Mandela looking rather dapper in a suit during his days at Healdton, The Wesleyan College at Fort Beaufort in South Africa during 1937.

5. Albert Einstein

The theoretical physicist embraced many individuals with the world’s most famous equation – E – MC2. But even, geniuses don’t have the most perfect childhood. He dealt with speech challenges as a child, while his Rebel instincts caused a headmaster to expel him. Here is the portrait of the man as a child posing in a portrait at the age of 14 and this time, he was decades away from his iconic look of crazy hair and a furry mustache.

4. Queen Elizabeth

At the age of 89, Queen Elizabeth has accomplished quite a lot for the majority of her life while looking over 16 countries even life before the throne was quite impressive for a young Elizabeth as she volunteered in the British army in World War 2. Queen Elizabeth, who was just a princess, worked as a truck mechanic as you can see in this photo at the young age of 19.

3. Donald Trump

The brash, powerful and blunt personality of Donald Trump is a reason why he has made himself well known in the 2016 Republic Presidential primary campaign. He’s also a real estate mogul. At the age of 30 in 1976, you can also see how successful Trump was as he sits in the living room of his penthouse apartment on New York’s Upper East Side. It was not only the beginning of his real estate empire, but also his trademark mop of blonde hair.

2. Bill Gates

Bill Gates is mostly known for co-founding the largest PC software company “Microsoft”. Since 1987, he’s been included on Forbes list of the world’s wealthiest people. Life might seem great, but back in 1977, a 22 year old Gates was arrested for traffic violation. The only details about the arrest were a mug shot of Gates after being taken by the Albuquerque Police in New Mexico. The young man didn’t seem so hurt by it because he was smiling away in the mug shot.

1. Steve Jobs

Starting the technology company Apple, is what made Jobs legendary because where would we be without our iPhones and MacBooks? Not many people know that Jobs started making technology products in his parent’s garage in the 1970s. We found a photo of Steve Jobs himself at the very first West Coast Computer Faire as a college drop out at the young age of 22.

12 Amazing Pictures of Most Influential People in the World

  1. Oprah
  2. Barack and Michelle Obama
  3. Bill and Hillary Clinton
  4. Martin Luther King Jr.
  5. Pope Francis
  6. Gandhi
  7. Nelson Mandela
  8. Albert Einstein
  9. Queen Elizabeth
  10. Donald Trump
  11. Bill Gates
  12. Steve Jobs

I hope you enjoyed taking a look as we go back into time to see a variety of photo. For more viral and trending stuff visit our website

HD Wallpapers That You Shouldn’t Use

Changing your wallpaper can be a lot of fun, but there are so many images out there that you simply shouldn’t use. They can make your device look bad and leave the bad impression on others around you.

Following are the HD wallpapers that you definitely shouldn’t use no matter what:

Inappropriate Images:

This one is quite obvious; never use inappropriate or sexual images as your desktop background. This can leave a very bad impression on others who may end up looking at your phone or desktop. Moreover, everything that we see it affects our mind. If you keep looking at such images, then you may end up having perverted thoughts. This can have a very negative effect on your personality and definitely wouldn’t want that. So please, avoid using such images at all costs.

HD wallpapers

Source 111 Wallpapers

Pictures of Yourself:

Do you like to take a lot of pictures of yourself and show them off? Do you think there is nothing more beautiful than your own face for your device? Well if it is so then you might be a very self-loving person. An online survey suggests that people who use their own images tend to be very narcissistic. This can actually turn off many people and make you look like you are an attention seeker. So don’t try too hard and try to find a decent image for your device. You may be very beautiful, but you don’t have to rub it on everyone.

Pictures of Your Significant Other:

We get it that you have a boyfriend or a girlfriend whom you really love. But does the whole world reality need to know about that? Well probably not because there are so many lonely people out there that might get heartbroken by your wallpaper. Not everyone has someone to love, so it is best to avoid using such images. Moreover, this may even end up sparking jealousy among others which are not very good.

Pictures of Anime Characters:

Are you a grown up man who still watches anime? Well, we won’t judge you, but it might not be a good idea to use such images as your desktop background. Not everybody approves of anime and using such images can actually make you look very immature. Moreover, a lot of people look at anime as something very bad, and we can’t blame them for thinking this way. Most of the anime has a weird plot and feature characters looking like young girls dressed sexually. With all these things considered, how can sensible people like anime?

Wallpapers that you Can Use:

So are there any images out there that are okay to use? The answer is hell yes! You can find so many nice images that will make your phone or desktop look so much better than before. You can even find images of quotes to boost your productivity. Moreover, using HD wallpapers will give an entirely new look to your phone. Get the wallpaper that matches your screen’s resolution, and you will notice how different your device will look from there on.

Dos and Don’ts of Wearing LED Shoes for Men

Light up shoes are not a thing of kids anymore, and many adults proudly wear them too now. The reason is that many adult shoe brands have come up with amazing designs and colors that are just irresistible. LED shoes for men have become very common among men and can make any ordinary event more exciting. You can wear them to music concerts, to parties and some even wear them to the gym. Light up shoes are a pure delight for men as they can literally light up their world.

If you are thinking about buying yourself a pair of light up shoes, then you must be aware of their proper use. There are certain ways through which you can make your experience with these shoes much more beneficial.  And also there are a few things that you should totally avoid while using the light up shoes. Below are some dos and don’ts of light up shoes that will help you out:

Dos of Wearing LED Shoes:

 Do wear your light up shoes if you are going to a music concert. Music concerts are all about dancing and having fun with the people you adore. Light up shoes can really make your dance moves look more lively and impressive.

LED shoes for men

  • Do wear your light up shoes to college but only if the dress code of your college allows you to do so. This will definitely make you gain some attention and might even serve to be a conversation starter.
  • Do charge your light up shoes properly if you want to fully enjoy your experience with them. Many of the light up shoes require a lot of hours till their battery is fully charged. But once you charge them up well, you can enjoy them for quite some time.
  • Do wear your light up shoes for going for a walk especially if you are going to be walking at night. This can really help you as the drivers will be able to see you clearly and you will be safe on the road.
  • Do give light up shoes to your friend or someone you care for as a present. Honestly, who wouldn’t want a vibrant pair of LED shoes for men?

Don’ts of Wearing LED Shoes:

  • Don’t ever leave your light up shoes in a hot car as it can be damaging for the battery. The vehicles tend to heat up really quickly due to the rise in temperature in the outer environment. The batteries in your light up shoes are at a great risk if you leave them in a hot vehicle.
  • Don’t throw your light up shoes in with your laundry as the washing machine can obviously damage them. If your pair of light up shoes somehow gets dirty, just clean them with some damp piece of cloth. You can even use some soap but only if really necessary.
  • Don’t take your light up shoes with you if you are going for swimming or a water ride. This is because the battery inside the shoes must remain dry at all costs.

Demio Software Review – Best Features of Demio

demioreviewIf you have been looking for a trusted Demio Software review then you are in luck because you have just found one. In this review you will find nothing but honest information about the webinar platform that markets itself as the best there is. It is cloud-based meaning that you will not be required to down load or install any additional software or application so as to access the services offered. All you need is a browser with which you can connect to the internet.

Webinars are online seminars through which business owners, ecommerce stores, affiliate marketers and other online-operated businesses use to connect with their audience and talk to them. Webinars provide a good marketing platform for people to sell their goods and services as well as pass any information they may want to pass across such as making announcements. But for a webinar to be effective it needs to be held over the right platform. Demio is that platform.

The interface that meets you in Demio is simple and makes it really easy to create your first webinar and subsequent ones. You will be guided through the entire process as soon as you sign up. There are fields to fill with the webinar’s title, the people to invite, the date and time. The registration process only requires 4 steps and you are through.

To give your event a customized feel, Demio allow you to customize the page where those attending will be registering. With their built-in editor you can be able to make the page just how you want it. Other than this, you can be able to embed the registration page’s code to your blog or website such that those interested can register directly without the need to visit Demio website.

When holding your webinar, you can be able to share your computer’s screen with the audience or just share video shots taken using your webcam (or both depending on what your aim is). This way the level of interaction is enhanced. The Live chat feature offered allows those attending to ask questions and give feedback on the webinar content.

There are many more likable features in the Demio software you need to try it and found out.

People Want Quality Lock Services Along With Security

Rampant burglaries have made people more conscious about the security of their homes, offices, and cars, etc. The people want quality lock services along with security. Many locksmiths are providing commercial and residential lock services, but the speedy locksmith is the best. It has teams of experts that are competent in lock making, installation, repair and re-keying, etc. So what are you waiting for just type on the browser and get the contact details of this lock service provider?

Speedy Locksmith Expertise:

Speedy locksmith is expert in:

  • Installation and changing of locks
  • Repair of all locks
  • Electronic locks
  • Issues regarding ignition key
  • Chipped keys
  • Transponder chipped key
  • Key replacement

The speedy locksmith provides following additional emergency lock services:

  • Mortise lock and repair
  • Office lockout
  • Keyless entry system
  • Panic bars repair and replace
  • Master key
  • Duplicate key
  • Re-keying
  • High-security locks
  • New locks making
  • Ne locks installation
  • Speedy locks provide following commercial lock services:
  • High-security locks
  • Mortise locks installation
  • Mortise locks repair
  • Deadbolt lock repair
  • Deadbolt Replacement
  • Safe lockout
  • Door knobs repair
  • Door knob replacement
  • Re-keying
  • Handles repair
  • Handles replacement
  • Keyless entry locks
  • Truck, van, and car lockout services
  • Keys made for trucks, cars, and vans
  • Lazer keys
  • Commercial push bar repair
  • Commercial mortise lock repair
  • Panic bars repair
  • Broken key extraction
  • Master keys

The speedy locksmith provides best residential lock services that include:

  • Home Lockout keys
  • Home locks change
  • High-security home locks
  • Handles repairing
  • Handles replacing
  • Deadbolts repair
  • Deadbolts replacement
  • Security gates and doors
  • Mailbox lock repair
  • Mailbox lock replacement
  • Combination locks
  • Keyless entry system
  • Safe combination change
  • Secure lockouts


Speedy automotive services include:

  • New keys for boats
  • Transponder chip keys
  • Remotes for cars
  • Fab keys for cars
  • Keys for ATVs
  • High-security car keys
  • New keys for RVs

No Hidden Charges:

In case you call for emergency services then you don’t have to pay any extra fee as the companies charge. In fact, you can get discounts as well. So, whenever you need emergency lock services call speedy locksmith without any hesitation.

So concluding the article, we will say that speedy Locksmith is the best locksmith that offer quality services in a quick manner. They provide reliable yet affordable services. You can get services any time as they are 24/7 available to you. So don’t take the risk and consult the speedy locksmith. The team of the speedy locksmith will reach your location and suggest that which lock is best for your location. So, never forget that safety and security of your property is the first and foremost thing on the reasonable prices.

Glass Services- the ultimate friend of your home

Our homes and also our workplaces are replete with glasses, be it the window panes or the doors and the table tops, they are all made of glasses. And what is synonymous with glass is the most pronounced character of glass that is its fragility. Glass is fragile, even though beautiful and its fragility calls for repairs and servicing in the event of them shattering. Glass Services are therefore much needed to fix the situation and rid the inmates of the shattered shards.

    There can be an array of difficulties, such as:

  1. A shattered single window pane- in the event of the window pane shattering, a good and prompt service provider is the utmost need to fix the shattered glass, as it can compromise with security and safety.
  2. Dislocated patio door, or broken patio door- a dislocated or broken patio door can be very cumbersome and would call for immediate service.
  3. Shattered store front doors- the shattering of the storefront door can be very dangerous as it would expose it to threats from robbers, and while repairing the storefront door it is best to install laminated glass. Laminated glasses go a long way in ensuring the safety and the security, as they can ward off break-ins, as these glasses do not shatter and stay in place even if they are broken.
  4. Dual pane windows repair- dual window panes take a little longer to be repaired and installed as they need special measurements and orders.
  5. fixing of or the installation of mirrors and shower doors which are often custom made.
  6. Most importantly the fixing up of shattered panes and also board ups.


    But if good and efficient Glass Services can be availed then all these problems can be easily taken care of and otter additional issues fixed. For instance, there are other things as well in the home decor that can be taken care of effectively by Glass Services and these issues are.

  1. The fixing or installation of glass table tops- the beauty of the home or the office space can be further amplified if tables can be fitted with custom made laminated or tempered glasses with tinting or engraving.
  2. The fixing of shelves and cupboards with custom made glass.
  3. Window tinting- this goes a long way in ensuring the privacy and also the security of the private space. Tinted glass is colored glass which is either of a green, brown, gray tint or also of various other colors, and this tint often guards the inmates against prying eyes.

    There are varieties of glasses that are available in the market and you can choose from the wide range of choices that are available. There are varieties of glasses such as.

  1. Tinted glass
  2. Single pane glass.
  3. Double pane glass.
  4. Tempered glass.
  5. Laminated glass.

    Therefore with good, prompt and reliable glass servicing, repairing your shattered panes or installing new ones should not be difficult at all but rather should be a cakewalk.